a subclass of ResultSet

ResultSet is limited to normal database tables. ObjektResultSet can also display and edit Objekts, This is of special use for Browser subclasses.

It makes the most sense when displaying tables of similar objects when the fields are all the same. It is possible to show varying objects and just use common fields like 'summary' and 'contentStartTime'. But if one class has 'bra size' and the other has only 'pant width', then it won't work.

For mixed object collections you can make a special InputObject with a bit of intelligence that case by case displays the right field for each object. So while it stepped through the results, it could check if the current object is an apartment sale or rental and show the price or rent accordingly.

Browsers are designed for specific purposes: eg. show all un-published articles. So most of the time the objects are all the same class or the general fields like title, date are what are wanted anyway.