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Managing Branches

branches need to be kept up to date with small updates in trunk and then trunk needs to be updated from time to time with progress in branches

  • from the Destination directory of the merge
    • use svn log -r {recent####}:HEAD to find the last merge message (you can also search for the merge message syntax on Trac)
  • then run:
    • svn merge --dry-run -r {lastmergedrevision+1}:{Head####} sourcepath/ (ie: %svn merge --dry-run -r 1539:1562 ../devcur/)
  • if that seems fine run the same without --dry-run
  • if the merge results are poor an svn revert will undo the local effects of the merge
  • once the merge is tested run a commit using syntax exactly like:
%svn commit -m "Merged devcur changes r1539:1562  into the trunk"
  • or
%svn commit -m "Merged trunk changes r1539:1562 into branches/devcur"
  • the syntax is key be cause it will be used later to find the last merge version for future merging


When Merging between branch and trunk, when changes have been made on both, it appears important to merge both in direct succession. The problem scenario is if you merge from trunk into branch in the middle of active development on branch, merging back from branch to trunk will require extra manual steps to NOT double merge the changes from trunk that were put into branch, unless you have a clean start from the previous merge point.

Finding old versions, revision numbers and deleted files