Tips, Tools and FAQs for using the MassMind mailer

QA for Mailer

HTML Code Best Practices

Outlook 2007 Requirements

  • Do not use px in any element. For example, "height=50px" for pictures will not work, instead use "height=50"
  • No background images in DIV tags and TABLE cells.
  • No nested background colors. A background color in a DIV or TABLE cell displays fine. However, if you nest another TABLE or DIV within the element, the background color vanishes.
  • No FLOAT or POSITION attribute in DIV tags. In other words, CSS-based layouts won't work in Outlook 2007. Tables only going forward.
  • No FORM tags. Quite simply, embedded email surveys will not work in Outlook 2007. Whats even worse, Outlook 2007 actually strips out the form elements, so your recipients will not be able to tell if a form was there to begin with. (We suggest mitigating this with a "Problems with the survey? Complete it online." link at the top of your message.)
  • No animated .gif files or Flash content. Animated .gif files just wont animate. With Flash, youll just get a big red X.
  • Full documentation on supported and unsupported content:

Email test environments used by Massmind:

  • Outlook 2003
  • Outlook 2007
  • Entourage
  • Thunderbird
  • Evolution