Types of Groups

  • Affiliate Group
  • Event Group (requires RSVP functions and payment)
  • Mail List Group (possibly requires payment)
  • Site Group
  • Product Group (for specific individual or groups of content) (not sure of structural difference with affiliate group)
These aren't necessarily separate, but they are the types we want tosupport. We will note them here with their differences but we should work towards having as few different kinds as possible in the code (what names we expose to the user a separate issue).

Universal Requirements

Roles and Titles (current naming is mixed up in trunk)

  • Roles are functional permission driven
  • "Title" is arbitrary, and has no functional use

Group Roles

  • Manager (has absolute control over the group)
    • any manager can assign/delete other managers - on IRC this leads the the last man standing problem, and we will have to accept this unless a better way is found
    • managers can batch add/remove members
    • a group creator is granted site manager status automatically
  • Editor
    • editors can edit a specific set of classes: article, event, menu, classifieds, photos, albums ...

Joining Groups

  • There are three settings for group joining - these are independent of whether payment is necessary (that's an orthogonal issue).
    • Anyone can join
    • Anyone can request to join, but approval is necessary
    • Only managers can add people
  • For groups that only managers can add people, there's an "invite" function that allows managers to invite people by their email address. They get an email message that they have been invited and they can follow through with the invite or not.
  • When someone joins a group, the managers may receive a notification of a new user if they are subscribed to new user notification emails


Affiliate Groups


  • syndicate content to the MassMind Network
  • agree to syndication terms of service

content will be pulled by each site


Usage of Groups During Site Installation

Select Content to request content from groups (These groups will also be available to browse and join for members of your site)

  • move box list of groups
  • filter text field to filter group list by any word in the title


Update to refer to these specs:

The Group property is currently stored as a field in the objekt_objekt table. This will make future use of that property difficult. We need to break it out into its own table with a many to many relationship. This will require converting existing objekts when we make the database change.

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