allClasses is a page that lists all the classes that your site could use. That is all classes that are present on your system in any of your CLASS_DIRS.

It then reads the class conf files for each of those classes.

It groups the classes according to the conf "adminConsole" setting. This allows you to organize the allClasses page in a useful, task oriented fashion. It is a precursor to a full blown admin consoles system where each specific admin/editor task has a custom console designed for it. see also AdminConsoles

If the conf file has conf "canNew" set to true, then it offers a "new" link. Some classes may not be relevant or useful for your site, you may turn off the ability to create new ones by setting "canNew" to false.

If the conf file has "canList" set to true, then it offers a link to list all objects of that class that currently exist on your site.

If the class is a browse class and your conf file correctly sets "isBrowser" to true then it will offer a link to use that Browser.

To make sure that your new class is seen on the allClasses page, create your conf file and set "canNew" to true, and "canList" to true.

Conversely, if you wish to hide a class from allClasses, set "canNew" and/or "canList" to false.


to create a new class that is accessible through allClasses.php three files are required (in the case of a layout class). If these files are in .../siteclasses/... they will override the same "someclass" in .../main-classes/...

1. objekts/someclass.php
2. confs/someclass.conf.php
3. templates/somelayout.tpl.php

additionally an internal reference in 1. and 2. must be updated with the same "someclass" name. AllClasses then treats someclass as a usable class.

In an effort to cleanup towards TopazPortv0.1 a number of depricated classes are in the process of being moved to

sites/massmind/projects/siteclasses/... various folders

these classes can be seen for reference purposes under the section "zDepricated - Layouts" at: