user lists

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Also hoping you can validate, expand and document what I do understand about the user list. If all is right about the following, Im happy to document if you want me to.

Pawel, (ptulin), is a user in with role: Editor

He is NOT a user of dev/t-n/massmind/consigliopennington or /tbo/ just like I see he is not on the user list for dev/.../dh at


He therefore cannot login through any of those sites where he is not an associated user. BUT Admins CAN automatically login to any site? (works for me) Does this Not work on the live sites? Will I have to create a user for myself and pawel on the live website? If not how will it know I am an admin if Im not in the user list, where does it check?

-- the user browser only shows users created on that site, but the login system can look at anybody in the database.

Are users only recognized and welcome at all the other sites on dev?

--dev.massmind is a messy case because all of the sites have the same cookie. this means you have to pay attention when moving from site to site, since your cookies are lying. it may say you are logged in, but you actually have the wrong account.

I imagine it would be a fancy bit of sneaky footwork to recognize a yaamny cookie from a visitor to dwight hall.

--the cookie specification makes it impossible, and the entire of internet commerce would grind to a halt due to fraud overnight if this was not so.

Finally to find the right login place for a user when all I get is a that username is already taken, I thought at one point all users should be visible on:

Is it simply an outstanding work request to have an all users browser with the ability to view users on multiple sites? If you know how this can be done easily by adding something to browse or with an existing URL that would be most helpful.

-- if they are in different databases, then it is not possible. the /admin site should be able to see all users on "the network" regardless of site.

Also if you know already how Laura could build a class to assign users to multiple sites to enable login on multiple sites that would be helpful too.

-- read the docs. you have never had sites that should or could share users except for your various admin accounts.

All of this would be helpful to have in the docs, again Im happy to do that if you can correct anything or add essential db/technical pieces.