RSS and feeds

RSS feeds are fed out at the URL /rss/key
Through URL rewriting that is mapped to the actual php file at

The "key" is a small string that you use to identify the feed channel. The objekt that is responsible for doing the feed is retrieved from the database where species = 'feed' and userfield1 = your key.

This key is the way that you can freely switch the object that fullfils the feed while still keeping the URL constant your subscribers happy. But if you find a better objekt to do that channel, you can switch it.

The objekt that does the feed must be of species 'feed' and have userfield1 set to the key.

ping.php does standard pinging to pingomatic etc. That single ping should then get mirrored to everybody who is anybody.

All RSS functionality is in feedSupport.php
This is because things will change, and the Objekt classes themselves shouldn't be tied to whatever is current technology. Atom may replace RSS, and you can support both if you like.

Let one aggregate object collect the articles and do all the feed support.

* NOTE: all feed supporting objects must:
* 1. reserve userfield1 for the feed key,
* 2. reserve userfield2 for the lastModified timestamp
* 3. return species() as "feed"
* 4. in getInputs() they should call addFeedInputs($this); this adds description, title etc.
* 5. implement objektsForSyndication()
* Feed supporting objects might choose to implement some of the other methods below.