The plan, only partially implemented, is that the site's various controls would all have a central admin only menu. This is currently allClasses.php

In the class conf files for the site, each class is assigned an adminConsole that it should appear on.
"adminConsole" => "layouts"

Alternatively, if you don't assign it to an adminConsole, it won't appear on any admin console. This way you can hide classes that are irrelevant for a given website, thus making it cleaner when you are editing.

The admin console idea can be fleshed out further to make each area more helpful and specific. For instance the Ads section can have links to the browser that looks at ad traffic, galleries of ads, links to the layouts that have ads placed in them.

At the moment allClasses simply sorts all the classes into their admin console sections and displays links to new and list.

Note: there is no link to 'site'. Create an Admin Links if you don't already have one and follow the link from there to edit your site settings.