If you already have the framework checkout out and installed, please see: installing a new site

Check out the Application

Configure the Install

The trick now is to update files that currently cannot be kept or kept correctly in the repository. There are three areas:

sites/LocalConfig.php needs to be created

  • copy and rename LocalConfig.php.blank from the repository
  • if you are running a team/developer install on sandbox use the db settings from sb/staging/devcur/sites/LocalConfig.php

sites/eachsitename/.htaccess files

  • update for each top level network site as indicated in the comments in each .htaccess file
  • a shortcut is available in tools/update_htaccess.php which can be run from your trunk root somethig like:
    • php tools/update_htaccess.php /usr/www/users/irisdev/ /usr/www/users/irisdev/staging/devcur/sites/

Set 777 directory permissions not saved by SVN

  • chmod 777 needs to be run on folders to which the web browser writes by running:
    • chmod 777 cache/
  • Additionally sites/uploads/ (all upload directories) need the 777 mode
    • files
    • images
    • resizecache
    • the above files can be updated by script by using
      • cd sites
      • sh ../tools/fix_uploads.sh

Initialize the Database

Run index.php?fl=install from a network site attached to the db you want to use. in our current setup this would be .../tbo/index.php?fl=install and one of .../dh or .../yalenet/ etc .../index.php?fl=install

These should check out your site and see if things are set correctly.

Now please read:

installing a new site