URL rewriting

For beauty and google, apache's tricky URL rewriting is used.

The URLs are nicefied using apache's url rewriting. This means you see a variety of URLs on the site, most of which are not actually directories or files at all. All of the actual php files that handle any page at all are in the engine-room/shared-www folder. Each individual site has a symlink from within its web document root to this shared-www folder.

/rss/key -> edit/feed.php?feedKey=key

objekt id
/1234 -> edit/view.php?id=1234

title is ignored, but nice for humans and google
/1234/title -> edit/view.php?id=1234

looks up the object by title
/abcd -> view.php?t=abcd

edit the objekt by id
edit/1234 -> edit.php

edit a MultiInput
edit/class/1234 -> editThing.php

delete... (and then confirm)
delete/1234 -> delete

objekts or MultiInputs
new/class -> new.php

/view/class/1234 -> viewThing

all/? -> all.php

anything else goes to fourOhFour.php to handle it as a search or a 404 not found

should be added:
browse/browseclass/?query -> browse.php

The order does matter, but its tricky to follow the engine's thinking. See http://apache.org