The below should be translated into our framework syntax and described here: Custom Classes or Class Tree

In Engine Romm, the current MNOV_Classes needs to be merged into Main_classes

But the concept of the netowork is still very relevant. The architecture is just moved so that a network site, like yalenet or massmind will have network classes in it's "siteclasses" directory and the Subsites can overwrite those classes in THEIR "siteclasses" directory.

Thus order of precedence is:

  • Subsiste's siteclasses directory
  • sites siteclasses directory
  • engine-room/main-classse directory

the language in the below is confusing and deprecated

a network is a bunch of code (object types, handlers, templates) that is shared among several sites.

MNOV_CLASS_DIR is the shared class/templates folder for a network of sites.

In the Application.php file you define an array of CLASS_DIRS, directories in order of precedence to search through for any class file, templates, hooks or handlers. This includes the main class directory, any network directories that your site needs, and the site's own site classes directory.

A single installation of the code may run many sites, and those sites may be configured to share various network folders.

Any use of the word "network" to denote some business or marketing idea is up to actually building sites that cooperate (with shared user databases etc.). From the architecture standpoint of the code, there are "network folders" that are shared by installations.