Browser is an abstract class (one that you make subclasses of but you don't use directly). Subclasses of Browser are then informally referred to as "a browser". A browser is for doing searches and then browsing through the results of the search.

Your subclass can specify what search form inputs to offer, can perform the search, specify what fields to show in the results, and then show the results in a multi-page scrollable ResultSet / ObjektResultSet with sortable columns.

It is designed to be able to make subclasses that cater to specific tasks. For instance All Unpublished Articles : you could offer search fields for the author, by title etc. When the search is

Existing examples are the Objekt Log, User Browser and subscribers (used by MailingList).

Browser classes are subclasses of Objekt, but you don't ever save them to the database. One is created when you go to browse.php, is used only at that time but is never saved.

It is possible to have a Browser class that has no search fields at all, but shows a fixed result set. You might do this if you just wanted to show all "photos" or something. You would get the multi page results that you can page through, and the column headings are clickable for sorting.

For your browser class to show up in allClasses.php / AdminConsoles you should set "isBrowser" => true in your class conf files.