Hooks are a common way to allow a site to customize something for your site without having to muck up the basic generic class.

Its a simple function that gets loaded from a file in /hooks (if found) and evaluated:


The hook file should be called hooks/hooks_classname.php and should have
in it a function called hook_classname_hookname($objekt).

For adding inputs:

so that extra things like ObjectSections() can be put in every time Alberto asks for it without having to put one on every dang class in the standard distribution. The site itself can gunk up things as much as it likes, adding extra inputs. CP can do without the sections input, since it doesn't have any.

I use it to add technorati style tag input to my own site.

For user doDelete :
to allow it to delete the site specific profiles

You could even overwrite or remove an input already added by the class. If the InputObject alias is the same, it overwrites.

hooks are the best way to add comments to an object. Rather than hack up each class, just add a CommentInput to it. The CommentInput would locate any threads related to the objekt and display, and/or offer a form to add.