DXD Environment Installation

  1. I. Install Flash Professional

  2. II. Install Disney VPN from the ftp zip

  3. II. Get Started with FAME

  4. III. Install the DXD Framework "DisneyFlashSite"

    1. A. Connect to CVS (Ximbiot Manual)

      1. 1. Make sure you are connected to Disney's VPN

      2. 2. Get CVS UN/PW Credentials

      3. 3. KEEP IN MIND

        1. a. Use Update

        2. b. Merge manually if needed

        3. c. Do not commit to any projects unless we have given specific instructions to do so. Please ask if you are confused.

      4. 4.run the Ecplipse tutorial for "checking out a cvs project" with these settings:

        1. a. nhqautil01.online.disney.com

        2. b. Directory: /pool/cvsroot/SPApps

        3. c. Username provided previously by Mike Pagano

        4. d. PW provided Previously by David (See DxD_CVS)

        5. e. Method extssh