Users and profiles

Database tables

* User
* profiles
* yaamny_profile

The User record has many fields, but for massmind, the only real ones of interest are the username, password, lname, fname, email and authLevel. Mainly used just for logging in.

For massmind based sites, the user profile data is stored in the profiles table. When that record is edited, any changes to fname, lname or primary email are also saved into the User record.

yaamny_profile is the extra yaamny-only information, all of it imported from Yale's excel file.


* user
* mmprofile

There is a user class which should be used to create users (at /new/user ). It will ensure that the email is unique, real and that the password is ok. All editors and admins should be created this way.

Users are also created when they post on the sites. They are known as 'autousers', though they are also stored in the same User table. They do not have username/password, but they do have a unique email,fname and lname. The autouserinput is used in forms, and will do all the work of creating the user (if needed) when the form is posted.

Users have also been imported into the system from excel etc., put into temporary tables and then using SQL Users and their profiles are created, massaging data as needed.

When you view the User's page, it fetches the mmprofile and displays that. On yaamny etc. it will also fetch the yaamny_profile and add it to the display. Customized by site / network. This then offers a link to edit or create any profiles.