Every important action is logged on the system using the objektLog handlers


In the default MAIN_CLASS_DIR there is nothing defined, no action is taken, nothing is logged.

In MNOV_CLASS_DIR it handles it by inserting to the objekt log database table.

The Browser class objektLog is used to look at the raw records. Lots of interesting reports and tricks can be done using this information. It does build up in the database, beware.

You can use this to show who last visited or edited an objekt. But THERE ARE NO INDICES on the objektLog table. Querying it is fantastically slow, but inserting is fast. Something should go through on a regular basis and copy the objektLog into a second table. Then you can use that for normal queries.

It could also then get rid of repetitive information like the referrer especially when its in-site (reduce it to an integer lookup in another table).

If you are only querying by id, then you could just add an index for id.