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At this time each site in the network is checked into SVN (Subversion) so that developer copies and live site can be easily kept in sync.

It is also possible for a designer to check out just the site folder that they are working on and edit the CSS or html there and check it from their local copy. It may be simpler to just have them email you the changes.

The optimal development set up is to check out the network on your local computer and develop with a local database, checking occasionally against the live database when needed. Then you can use modern text editors and dev tools. There is a nightly backup made in ~/backups so you can zip and download that to replicate the database.

of this: sites/ yaamny (local dev database) make sym link : ln -s yaamny yaamnyr to give this new folder in my local copy: sites/ yaamnyr (for remote)

Remote database connections are slow, and its not friendly to the server, but Pair allows it for development work. We eventually will move away from this.

The other way to work is of course on the development install using emacs etc.

If you have a mac I highly recommend SvnX for committing to the respository and diffing your changes.

After you commit, go to the irisdev and in public_html

svn update engine-room sites

to bring that copy up to date. Test thoroughly.

To push the changes to the live site you only need to do the same thing in www/the-nework/ :

svn update

All changes will then happen including moving and renaming folders, adding files, edited images, even symbolic links and permissions on files.

If something does go wrong you can revert or even revert to a specific version number. Example: svn update -r 413

Rehearse this on the dev server.

running multiple versions

Here is an idea for a running multiple versions (say dev, beta and live). There would be three copies each with all the sites, but then configure the DNS to select which version that site should use.

Keep dev at

Keep a folder called beta where you run some sites off (like

Keep the live one where it is now.

code only in svn

The site specific files for each site is usually quite small. (Itsmypark really has to change, it has 300 + M. content should not be in SVN, only code)

For additional information, see or