Generally PHPUnit tests are run from the command line with something like this

phpunit --configuration=configs/kernel1.xml

We store our test configuration files in the configs directory. You can take a look at them there. We have three basic tests right now

basic-suite.xml - this is currently just the input objects tests.

kernel1.xml - This is just objAccess tests, but should eventually contain tests for all of the files in kernel.

objekts1.xml - This should be a set of basic tests on all objekts. Currently it contains simple tests for newsite and article and a display test for all current objekts.

You can also run these tests through a PHP file which is necessary to be able to run the tests in PhpED (I have not found a way to run a file through PhpED as a CGI binary and pass parameters to it). In tests-php5 is a file - runFromPHPEd.php. You may want to edit it to change which XML file is run. In PhpED go to the Project/Project Properties dialog. Change your run mode to Local CGI and the default file to run to tests-php5/runFromPHPEd.php.