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Does Love Have No Balls Anymore?

Does Love Have No Balls Anymore?Why are the thoughtful protests these days by comedians?  NY Times reports: Fort Benning Protest Dwindles There seem to be plenty of reactive retro-angry provincialist protests, but what happened to the transformationalists?  There's plenty to worry about that is keeping us away from a better world, so who's agitating ...

Real Life Journey

Real Life Journey"I might as well settle in," Anna told me one fall day in 1993.  We had both moved to New York along with about a quarter of our graduating class the year before. "I kept thinking I would start my life someday, and was living out of boxes, ...

Thriving with the Social Internet

Thriving in the New Social Internet The new social world of the internet represents far more than finding a friend on Facebook or keeping a diary on line for anyone to see. New Web technology, also referred to as social media or Web 2.0, is unstoppably shifting the way ...

It Will Be Disassembled

SupernovaNature's end

is to pick apart your parts

until they disappear



The Declining Power of The Firm

The Declining Power of The FirmWe're a long way from Firms becoming not powerful.  The fact that power flows to the center and the reach of an existing power base and known channels of distribution are not going to evaporate. So News of the demise of the Firm is clearly premature.  But the ...


Utopia Light On The Hill When Barak Obama said recently that we cannot only talk to our friends but must also be willing sometimes to talk with our enemies, when he implied that talking could prevent increased conflict and when he explained that additional personal intervention in diplomatic dialog would be ...

9 Planets and the Doctrine of Preemptive Strike

9 Planets and the Doctrine of Preemptive StrikeThe Doctrine of Preemptive Strike One evening in 2002 a friend of mine was home in New York form his job at the Department of Justice and we met for a drink at the Four Seasons.  The DOJ is in one of these buildings that embodies mega institution.  ...

What Would Caveman Do?

What Would Caveman Do?Being Catholic, I always wonder when I see those bumper stickers: "What would Jesus Do?"  Considering Jesus supposedly never had sex, was apparently infallible, and didn't seem taken up in basic biology, like getting constipated or the reverse, that tend to rule my day to day, I especially wonder ...

Surrender to Terror

Mitt Romney quit the presidential race yesterday. “In this time of war, I feel I now have to stand aside,” Romney said. “If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely ...

Coffee not Kitsch

Image of  a Cup of Coffee1989: Potato, Shiitake and Brie Gratin

writes Amanda Hesser: that lover of Mr. Latte

and mocks brie,

for some friskier Freds

named Stichelton and Garrotxa

-- now there are names

i could give my kid