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Why are the thoughtful protests these days by comedians

NY Times reports: Fort Benning Protest Dwindles

There seem to be plenty of reactive retro-angry provincialist protests, but what happened to the transformationalists?  There's plenty to worry about that is keeping us away from a better world, so who's agitating to keep us all on a better track? 

When a part of the US Military is accused of spreading terror, and only a few people show up to protest, there's only two ways to look at it.

It's either a lot better or it's a lot worse.

Let's be optimistic - why not: The internet give power back to the people.  In this view, guess what: the military listens!  The academy at Fort Benning now includes a tour and a Q&A that weekend:

"As a counterbalance to the protest, the school... began offering tours over the same weekend[,] changed its name to the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation[, and a] panel of school leaders volunteers to answer questions and explain that the education of Latin American military personnel now emphasizes democracy and human rights [as well as military terror]."

Wow, isn't that great progress?

If we're pessimistic, on the other hand: maybe kids are busy sending 900 SMS messages and reading 9,000 more info bits - that who cares about any body else's poop show?

If I can find my peeps and love, wherever I want, what does it matter what SOA is doing to some poor peasants in the hills far away?  I AM FULL.

Is Love winning or losing, my friends?  At least you can buy yourself a Love Patch on Amazon.  Now, doesn't that feel better?

Both observations are equally true, but not in equal proportion.  This year distraction maybe held a little sway, and every day it's in each of our hands to direct the balance to improvement and transformation instead of distraction and entropy.  

By the way, the Axe Ad running on the day of the link had nothing to do with the title of this post.  Balls must have been in the air.


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