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Image of  a Cup of CoffeeSiphon Bar via NYTimes1989: Potato, Shiitake and Brie Gratin

writes Amanda Hesser: that lover of Mr. Latte

and mocks brie,

for some friskier Freds

named Stichelton and Garrotxa

-- now there are names

i could give my kid

to stand out in a crowd


Most everybody likes fancy, so

says the $20,000 coffee bar

Mr. Egami's maker

of Zen Plato's Joe






Who can miss Quijote

tilting at perfection's quest?

I'll visit these

apotheosi of coffee


and zeniths of cheese

and not lament the old soft molds

and meaner tars

nor even these pinacles

even when the new heights come


for it's not in the tilting,

but the windmills;

where the fiction lies



NYC Jan 2008

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