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I have learned through my various leadership positions, be it at work or at home, the importance of physical and emotional fitness. I believe that physical fitness changes people for the better. It builds self-discipline and a sense of pride in oneself as a person pursues harder and harder physical challenges and achieves those goals. When we pursue harder and harder challenges, reaching out of our comfort zone, we grow and develop both mentally and physically. It is tied to leading by example, “I did it, so can you". Stories of overcoming physical fitness challenges give leaders authenticity and can help influence others.

Leaders are responsible for coming up with solutions to challenging problems. How is that related to physical fitness? Physical fitness builds the mental discipline that is necessary in other areas like progressive problem solving to come up with solutions to challenging problems.

Physical fitness is also a great way to deal with negative energy, turning it into positive energy, which is critical to being an effective, connected Leader. It has inspired me and lifted me to action. With a team, it has created awareness and developed bonds now cemented through the planning, persistence and commitment to continued achievement. 

The gusto to win also importantly helps us to prepare to lose, hit a wall or overcome injury. Pushing to limits, stepping into the radar to take risks and demonstrating that to achieve, you have to be willing to play, prepare, work and do it joyfully.

When we win--fantastic, when we lose….we dig into our Inner Core, dust ourselves off and move on Calmly, Confidently and Connected.

Please join us for the ANE Leadership Call.

Tuesday, May 3, 8:30 a.m. EDT
Call in number:
(712) 775-7031
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