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How to Create a new Object in TopazPort

  How to create a New Object in Topaz Port: 1.    Go to’type of object’ (ie: banner) 2.    Add a Title and upload any necessary images and then SAVE 3.    Go to Admin Menu/ Site Content and Layout 4.    Select Choose or Change ...

Never trust user input

One of the most common security issues I see in code from new web developers (and even some experienced ones) is not sanitizing user input. They trust user input to have always come from a non-adversarial user interacting with the site through a web browser. Given the HTTP(S) protocol, there is ...

Why am I Blogging?

A reasonable question to ask really. My main audience at this point is the development staff at Topaz Group. We are separated both by space and time. By space, because we are spread out and do not share offices or even the same area code. By time because I know ...

Book Review: Secure Coding: Principles and Practices

Last time I reviewed one of two books on security that I had recently read. This time I'll review the other book - Secure Coding: Princeiples & Practices by Mark G. Graff and Kenneth R. van Wyk (and published by O'Reilly which puts out excellent books in general). This ...

Book Review: The Security Development Lifecycle

Security is something that is very important in all kinds of applications today. I have many more articles I want to write about security (particularly since we fixed a recent security hole). I'm going to start, however, with a review of one of two books I read recently on security. ...

Specifications Chart

APPENDIX B - Requirements Spreadsheet   E = Essential, N = Non-essential   Category Functionality E/N Y/N Screen Shot Description Answer Part 1 - Base Functionality   Distributed Content Management Distributed content management w/role basing (Including but not limited to sections of site, individual pages, navigation and special features) ...

topazport feature requests

Users and Groups Add Photos to profiles - yalenet council list users like ning or facebook - yalenet council   Posts add a comment / discussion capability to post pages - yalenet council