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“What is ‘faced’ can not always be ‘changed,’

But what is not ‘faced’ can not be ‘changed.’”

Last week we had a great message and discussion lead by Terry Herring.

This week we will continue the theme about facing challenges, knowing how to address, when to ask for help, and how to include your team?

Sharing the yoke provides opportunity for all of those around you.

Good Leaders have team members that want to help them but are disallowed by cues from their leader.

Great leaders find ways to let others help and support them recognizing it elevates the performance of everyone and builds resiliency.

Please join us this Tuesday for the ANE Leadership call.

Tuesday, April 26, 7:30 a.m. EDT
Call in number:
(712) 775-7031
Enter ID #: 251-410-597
Free via Skype

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