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Work is Like a River…it's always there, constantly flowing along towards the ocean. We regularly go down to the water’s edge and take a swim in it; and then we come out, dry off and walk away from the river. Just like a river, our work is never-ending. We regularly go for swims in it and then we come out again. We will never complete everything, never be able to walk away with our desk clear. Coming to terms with the idea that we will never be completely done with our work is hard for those of us who find it hard to relax and enjoy life, while there is still work to do.

Join the ANE conference call and hear a short story about one person who didn’t manager her inner core well, worked too hard (stayed in the river too long), and the bad effect this had on the rest of her team. It’s ultimately an uplifting story of redemption. A discussion will follow that may provide insights for you on better inner core management, and identifying some engagers and disengagers that allow us to better connect with our authentic selves.

Tuesday, April 12, 8:00 a.m. EDT
Call in number:
(712) 775-7031
Enter ID #: 251-410-597

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