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SupernovaNature's end

is to pick apart your parts

until they disappear


Every assembly eventually

is disassembled

like your gluteus gulped

in a lion's jaw - digested

to pure energy, carbons and waste


There's no escaping -

no effort, no scale

but that fails


All is only the most miniscule delay

in decomposing the composition


What god glory is this energy

locked always

to lose to entropy

this kindest dance that

can never stick

without unsticking


So are we determined

so clearly to pass

right back to atoms

torn then

to littler pieces

until no more


No planets, no stars, no light

not even nothing lasts


But still

we knit, knit, drink, consume

like little ants stitching

Croesus' palace out of spider legs

knowing always, always

all too soon

it will have been


But so what to fall apart?


No atom, no particle, not even memory

but that ripple once 

always, always

will have been


May 1, 2008


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