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A reasonable question to ask really.

My main audience at this point is the development staff at Topaz Group. We are separated both by space and time. By space, because we are spread out and do not share offices or even the same area code. By time because I know there will be new developers coming after me, some of whom may join only after I leave. And while there will be development documents and design documents that may be private, I also want to write about how one does a good job of developing software.

Obviously, by making this public, I also hope that there will eventually be other readers (and, once we advance the tool some, we'll even turn on comments so you can make yourselves known). As with the Topaz Group developers, I would hope that I have some words of wisdom to new developers.

I've been in the business of developing software for over twenty years now (and "writing computer programs" for over thirty years if you take a broad definition of that phrase. Perhaps later I'll write down some of my early experiences for historical sake) and I've had the opportunity to learn from some remarkable people and make some mistakes, which helps the learning process. So, I'd like to pass on that learning to whomever is interested. Hopefully you'll find some of it useful and you'll come back to read more.