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Get Connected with our basic package and you will get:

  • Staff or members (if desired) can edit content and post news, events, classifieds and much more without knowing any html or needing any design skills
  • Users with html or advanced design skills can utilize their knowledge to make custom pages and designs within the One Click Club™ portal without any administrative support.
  • Ability for some pages to be accessible to everyone and some pages accessible to just staff
  • Provide comprehensive Events section with calendar view filter
  • Navigation with Client ability to easily update/change the links and menu items
  • Classifieds in a searchable tool
  • Facilitating electronic communications populated by user generated content
  • A continually enhanced and upgraded service
  • Online bulletin board with multiple post types for users to use, including:
    • Calendar events
    • Classifieds
    • News announcements
  • Provide a space for sub-group pages that can be editable directly by member groups themselves
  • Select users could see and download group member information
  • Incredibly flexible system allows for easy creation of new post types
  • The portal service already has over a dozen post types if desired
  • Adding new fields or post types can be done by administrators in a few minutes at any time
  • All event and classifieds have a post start and end date
  • Event categorization by location, event type, and even sub-group information if relevant. All events are viewable monthly, weekly or just by individual event
  • Secure user profile display
  • Users can create or update their own profiles securely and privately
  • Profile data is stored in an environment that is easy to import / export or integrate with an external database
  • Ability to have multiple ways to view members, such as: New Members, Board Members, All Members
  • All content posted by users can be categorized by those users into pre-existing sections. This allows site managers to easily display sections populated with preselected content.
  • Content search and display by title keyword
  • Ability to support sub-groups within memberClubs
  • Ability for users to join subgroupsand sub-group mailing liststhrough the web interface
  • Displays all data about a subgroup including contact details and manager info and member list for administrators
  • Displays all sub-groups with which each member is associated
  • For example, another client, Dwight Hall has over 100 sub groups affiliated with
  • Collaborative Wiki pages which could be used for collaborative writing such as topical or subject matter definitions or to support essay writing by one individual. Page includes back up version history in case an edit was made in error. Limiting the people who can edit these pages is also possible (view / edit permission can be controlled by membership in subgroups, such as a staff group or a particular committee or special interest group)
  • Users can import RSS feeds from any RSS news source into the portal display
  • Content can be associated with a Group
    • Group managers can show or hide individual events and posts
    • Different content can be viewed by members vs. non-members
  • Site administrator viewable:
    • User lists and profile data
    • Group lists and group profile data
    • Group manager lists with full profile data
    • Group member lists with full profile data
  • Basic photo gallery
  • Optional site administrator notification and / or approval step for all new posts
  • Ability to add arbitrary “tags” to any post and add the ability to browse all content using user defined “tags” (like Flikr)
  • Photo uploads to user profile
  • User customizable photo gallery
  • User creatable friends groups
    • groups can be created and managed by users
    • users can set open or private invitations to other members to join their groups
  • AJAX style display and control upgrades

To see some existing sites using our system, visit:

  • Preliminary ad-network integration for Client or Topaz management of banner ad space
  • Customized external content imports
  • Pictures for Event or Classified posts
  • Improved integration of either Yahoo Groups or installation of our own discussion list system
  • Some pages viewable by all, others only viewable by sub-groups

If you want more features, check out our Additional Features, which offers more custom management tools to help you engage your members.