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Installing FAME

== FAME Installation Instructions == * [ Instructions from OSFlash] === FAME Components === * [[Installing Eclipse]] IDE - [ Download] (i've just used the SDK, not the distros) * [[Installing ASDT]] - [ How To Install] * [[Installing FDT Instead of ASDT]] - ...

Massmind Studio

MassMind studio is the newest division at Topaz Group, focused on premium look and feel interactive video games and multiplayer games. The studio leverages the TopazPort CMS/CRM platform to bring a robust community management infrastructure to games and online interactive events. The Studio currently publishes games developed by independent developers ...

Num Lock Getting Stuck on a Macintosh

I couldn't get the Numbers keys on my apple keyboard to work, nothing I could do seemed to help.  The digits refused to work. Every time I hit the "clear" button, which is the apple equivalent of Num Lock, I got a little squat sound like the fart of ...


Installing FDT Instead of ASDT

= FDT = (Flash Development Tool) is a commercial PlugIn for the [[Installing Eclipse]] IDE to use it for authoring ActionScript 2.0. It is developed by the german company [ Powerflasher]. * '''Manufacturer:''' Powerflasher GmbH * '''Website:''' [] * '''License:''' ...

Installing MTASC

= MTASC = (Motion Twin ActionScript Compiler) is an open source command-line compiler for [[Flash]] [[ActionScript 2.0]]. * Official website: [] * License: GNU GPL

Installing ASDT

= ASDT = (ActionScript Development Tool) is a free PlugIn for the [[Installing Eclipse]] IDE to use it for authoring ActionScript 2.0. * '''Website:''' [] * '''License:''' GNU GPL

Installing SWFMill

= SWFMill = a tool that uses [[XML]] files to create a Flash SWF file. It can be used to create a SWF file that contains assets like graphics, sounds, fonts etc. which then can be used with [[Installing MTASC]] to inject [[ActionScript]] [[bytecode]]. * '''Website:''' [] ...

SVN Command Line Setting SVN Ignore svn:ignore

Ok, here it is   If you just want to ignore a single pattern, it’s easy   Svn propset svn:ignore VALUE TARGET   e.g. svn propset svn:ignore uploads . (if you are in the media directory for example)   If you have a list of things to ignore, you need ...

Help - MassMind Mailer

= Tips, Tools and FAQs for using the MassMind mailer = == QA for Mailer == * Microsoft Outlook 2007 HTML email Validator: * check that all section headings click through to correct sections * check group affiliation of any articles and make sure call out ...

Should you buy your own Servers?

= A special Market Exists for companies with under 20 Employees = See [[The Breakpoint for Managing Your Own Servers]] == Server Infrastructure for Small Business == Why do you need servers anyway? It's self evident these days that any employee in a professional organization these days needs a computer ...