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I couldn't get the Numbers keys on my apple keyboard to work, nothing I could do seemed to help.  The digits refused to work.

Every time I hit the "clear" button, which is the apple equivalent of Num Lock, I got a little squat sound like the fart of a beetle.

This is the apple system sounds equivalent of "Doh," congratulations you are blocked.

I searched Dr. Google and apple help and this is what they had to say: "to turn on and off num lock, hit the num lock key."

In other words, thanks but no thanks, come back again another day ... nada amigos.

Well if you're thinking of pulling out your hair try this first:


NUM LOCK can be deactivated on the mac by hitting option FIVE TIMES.

This is a setting controlled in Universal Access. Hitting the option key FIVE TIMES enables keyboard control of the mouse, in the event you neglect to plug in your rechargeable or get some other bunk mouse situation.

The only indication is that when you hit the 4, 8, 9 and 2 keys on the num pad, the mouse pointer moves a smidgen.   BUT THE NUMBERS DON'T WORK, as if the devil himself were laughing as you try to give someone your phone number on IM.

So try hitting that option button FIVE TIMES to deactivate universal access and see if that's the solution you'r looking for.



Here it is also where I added to wikipedia also, the store of all good things: