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The hallmark of the spiritually connected leader is not simply service to others. First, comes service to self. How can any of us be an authentic leader without first living the God-connection of our own? It's from that humble and grateful vantage point that we fully appreciate the amazing spiritual power waiting to be revealed through others.

"We're going through multiple audits, installing a new accounting system and outsourcing operations," said Angie, the CFO of a US company.

"It's enough to drive any team totally crazy, but I, and the rest of my team, are doing fine. I've stepped up my moments of silent prayer and meditation. When I'm stuck I ask for help. It's calmed me and given me wisdom I never knew I had. I'm seeing depths to my team's ability to perform that none of us ever imagined possible. I feel it's prayer being answered."

There's a work week ahead. Inevitably that means times when you don't see the solution. Where will you start the search for answers? Within or without?

It's a choice that separates true leaders from followers.

Calm, Confident, Connected


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