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Do the same things go wrong repeatedly for you? If so, you'll appreciate this upgrade.

As we drive to get better results in our job we constantly use our mental Choosing Engine to decide what to do. We all have one. Outwardly it looks like the engine is fueled with our great knowledge and experience. But that's the tip of the iceberg. The most powerful fuel comes from our inner core. That's the place where our deeper beliefs and attitudes lie.

The Issue: At work, where competition reigns, we can let the Choosing Engine be fueled by things like greed, neediness or anger. We can also let our self-defeating mental chitchat take over ("I'm not good enough") and end up with less than we should. These things eventually lead to unhappiness. More of the same stops working. Repeated mistakes or career setbacks are the symptoms. ("Shall I get another job, switch career or change location? How can I change my thinking using the thinking that needs changing? Will my work ever have that satisfying bite again?")

The answer: Upgrade the fuel to your Choosing Engine right where you are. Start by accepting that your inner core is the most powerful fuel source. Immediately you start creating new thinking patterns by being more spiritually engaged at work. You see the impact rapidly in improved results and a new calm, confident attitude. The balance between your embedded negative attitudes and your creative productive thinking shifts rapidly toward the positive. It's fun. And it's your job!

That's why we call ourselves A New Equilibrium. We are an organization with high octane ideas and tools that help people safely make this shift in the modern workplace.

Will you be upgrading your fuel this week? Read this if you want more practical ideas.


ANE's Spiritual Engagement improves Leadership Effectiveness and produces Sustained Business Performance.

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