massmind - Get Together - Editor's Note May 2008

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Last month we promised a party and we're delivering TWO.  My Luu's Spring Fling is sold out, and the very next day, Amanda Taffy has been working hard on a Best Buddies benefit at Plumm.  The Events  calendar is full of excuses to get together.

Your participation is THE KEY to this and many many thanks are due to the 50 Alums and friends who took a couple days out last week to work on the strategic planning retreat for YAAMNY.

In addition to the several key initiatives coming out of that retreat I'd like to specifically highlight Doreen Oliver's new leadership of the Arts and Entertainment group  and Amanda Taffy's continuing work in the Public Service group - details below.  If you would like to work on other important events, such as professional development events and talks, please get in touch with us!

Last but not least please have a look at Jaradoa Theatre's new production: The Small of Her Back which opens tomorrow and is hosting a special YAAMNY night May 19th.  And for an extra special treat, see below for a very limited seating dinner with the founders of Jaradoa hosted by yours truly.