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January 24 26, 2008
Session Notes


Module 3: Good to Great and Metrics for Success


What is your hedgehog? How do we measure success in Yale Clubs?

% dues participation
% event participation
Level of buzz
Finding positive deviants & acknowledging them
Representing Yales diversity (backgrounds, degrees & schools)
Tracking (events & finances)
How many lives are touched
  • Alumni in the region
  • Students oCommunity members
  • $ raised
  • ASC-related outreach
  • how many schools
  • New programs (# and type)
  • Sustainable success of programs and retention of new participants (do they keep coming back?)
  • # of volunteers (active & effective) Yale Clubs place in the community is it seen as a resource Active partnerships with other alumni or community groups Clear expectations for board members & volunteers Effect on community