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The next generation of web start ups is going to be younger and more specialized. They are also going to be cheaper. It has become easier to get a website, for less than ten dollars you can register your domain name and hosting can be had for as little as ten dollars a month. Theoretically, a start up could be funded for as little as one-hundred and thirty dollars a year.

Because such a start up will not have the ability to have many visitors, it means they are going to have to specialize. Developers are going to have to pick out particular problems people have and find solutions to helping solve those simple problems. In addition, it could also be helpful for start up founders to just build applications they want to use and help them lead more fulfilling lives. If you can accomplish this as a developer, you already work in yourself as a hardcore user, and likely can get your friends on board as well.

Most of these start ups likely wont make any money. They will however, add an incredible amount of value to there core users. They will be built for the pleasure in crafting code and crafting good experiences. This means that the companies that craft standard back ends, like WordPress, Blogger and Movable Type achieved for blogging, or aggregate multiple tools to fulfill the need of multiple long tail markets stand to gain the most.

The one thing that will stay the same is that entrepreneurship will remain a fun and exciting ride.