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Originally Posted by Don Bagles View Post
I don't get it. Handbrake's iPhone preset has the video at 480 horizontal pixels. Can't the iPhone display alot more than that?

What's the highest quality settings that can be transferred to an iPhone?
To quickly answer your question... No, the iPhone's display resolution is 480 x 320... It ends up scaling down files with an input resolution larger than 480 x 320.

There's a difference between display resolution and input resolution.

The iPhone can support H.264 in Baseline Profile up to 1.5 Mbps for 640 x 480 input resolution.

Now, this only refers to the source material... but the DISPLAY resolution of iPhone is actually 480 x 320. Note that the iPod's display resolution is 320 x 240... less than the iPhone. But both support input files that possess a larger resolution.

The reasons for this are twofold:

Zoom function on the iPhone would make pixelation obvious if the input resolution matched the display resolution. i.e. blowing up a 480 x 320 video on a 480 x 320 display will expand the source pixels to the point where they are obvious. 640 x 480 can be rescaled nicely on a 480 x 320 display without much pixelation.

By supporting a higher input resolution, uniform files can be used across multiple devices with varying output resolutions...i.e. one file for AppleTV, iPod and iPhone (in principle).
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