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A simple rhetorical question that challenges our senses of goodness and humanity. What is the politically correct answer, God, family, friends......?

We all know those canned answers based on worldly expectations. The reality is that if we take an honest look at our daily activities, our motivation will be clear--the job--the drudgery--the race--the contest--the push. It even sounds stressful.

So how do we find a way out?

Focus on a higher purpose. Spend time on ourselves; change our activities to reflect our better self and open our minds hearts and souls to others.

If we believe we want to live for a higher purpose, then begin by giving ourselves nourishment. That is not selfish--but self preservation--daily devotion, time to meditate relax refresh.

Change our schedules our activities to reflect our desire to connect with ourselves and others. Look at your week....what is driving it.

Finally, engage with others in an enlightened way. If you are not square in your core, then you cannot lead others in a way they need or that you desire.

Be selfish and live for yourself, nurture yourself. Then and only then can you lead for a greater purpose, and your team will see the difference in you and in themselves.

Live for your better purpose. Start today.

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