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How to Create a new Object in TopazPort

  How to create a New Object in Topaz Port: 1.    Go to’type of object’ (ie: banner) 2.    Add a Title and upload any necessary images and then SAVE 3.    Go to Admin Menu/ Site Content and Layout 4.    Select Choose or Change ...

How to Add Sections to the HomePage

Once you have created your section list, it is easy to have this show up on the homepage. Click on the Edit button you see in the main page . Then select choose for the column you want to add something to (left or right).  Then on the next screen ...

How Do Group Content Permissions Work?

Content access permissions are accretive, so if content is attached to any group that allows everyone to edit, then that content will be editable by everyone, even if some groups restrict editing.

What do the TopazPort Mailer Statistics Mean?

TopazPort Mailer Statistics "Unique Opened" and "Open Rate" under represent the number of unique recipients because they count only successful pings to our servers.  Blackberries, text only readers and all mail readers where the user does not select "download pictures" are not counted. Total opened includes every time the ...

How to use the TopazPort mailer

The TopazPort mailer allows you to integrate e-blasts with your web content.   Let your users know about the new edits to your site, and more importantly encourage your users to contribute content to the site. Content for the e-blasts can be selected by choosing content posts on the site ...

Logging In Again and Activating Your Account to Edit Your Posts

When you make a post on a site, your account is automatically created with the name and email you use to post. To “activate” your account: Hit Login in the top left Hit "Need password" Enter the email you used when you made the post Click the link in the ...

How can I use my own Domain or Subdomains?

Any subdomain, like for example, can be pointed externally to an entirely different website or can be pointed internally, so that it becomes a shortcut to a specific page such as

Need a Password, or Forgot my Password?

Need a Password, or Forgot my Password? To get a new password click Login at the very top of the site. Click Need password?   Fill in your email address and hit send. Click on the link in your email. Voila!    

Embedding CSS in a Post

Add CSS inline html: <style type='text/css'> sytle from .css </style> Or like this within a div: style="border: 1px; " An example: class .intro ‘Rather than a mass customer base, advertising on these blogs gives lobbyists unbridled access to an extremely valuable audience: Britain’s political elite’ <font style="margin:0px; margin-bottom: 9px; padding:0px; ...

How do I roll back to a previous version of a post?

How do I roll back to a previous version of a post? Click on the post. Seeing it is messed up, you can click history just above and to the right of the title of the post: Look for the date when the post was last working successfully Click the date part of that selection Verify it looks correct when you ...