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We provide Private Cloud IT Infrastructure and Management solutions to businesses in the $1MM to $50MM revenue range.  Our solutions optimize Workflow, Security and Uptime.  Visit to Get IT™ Anytime. Anywhere.

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One Click Clubs

Anyone should be able to manage a group or club online in one click. Our TopazPort platform makes it easy to help your organization communicate, collaborate and grow online.

We are experts in promoting distributed participation and managing large communities of active users. Our service helps group managers extend and deepen discourse and collaboration among group members both online and offline. Some samples here.

Group Play

Our Massmind studio creates high concept and multiplayer Flash Games. Our specialty is our defining cinematic style and viral community building.

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TopazPort release 0.3.2013.05.11

5/11/2013 - Release to Production   Features and Enhancements   New Features 116: Implement Nivo Slider Photo Rotation -Added nivo slider rotation to the photo rotations. 129: Need simple photo gallery -Added TN3 photo gallery to photo rotation list. Bug Fixes 125: Incorrect class when clicking cancel on editing site content ...

Important update!

This website is no longer the official website   for the Yale Alumni Association of NY.    To see more recent postings and/or sign up    for the alumni newsletter, please visit the    following website:    To join our Facebook page, please visit:   ...

How to Create a new Object in TopazPort

  How to create a New Object in Topaz Port: 1.    Go to’type of object’ (ie: banner) 2.    Add a Title and upload any necessary images and then SAVE 3.    Go to Admin Menu/ Site Content and Layout 4.    Select Choose or Change ...

Second Annual Yale New York BENEFIT SOIREE!

Second Annual Yale New York BENEFIT SOIREE! Mix and Mingle at the Second Annual Yale New York BENEFIT SOIREE! Join New York's community of notable Yale alumni for an unforgettable evening of merriment, food, and drink in the gorgeous glass and steel atelier in the sky designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano in the New York ...

Community Builder Award from the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice


This is a pioneering study that will insure that children, from whom we demand responsibility and accountability, will be also be treated accordingly without unjust punishment. I salute the Yale group, with our own Craig Levin's (B.A.'87) , in this effort -- Cornell Brooks (YLS '90), Senior Counsel & Policy Director, NJISJ


We are delighted to announce that the Juvenile Justice Reform Task Force of the YAAMNY Public Service/Social Justice Committee has been awarded the Community Builder Award from the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice (the Institute).  The Task Force has been collaborating with the Institute and the Public Catalyst Group to advocate for reform of New Jerseys juvenile waiver laws.

The Task Force is a multidisciplinary task force whose mission is to:

(i)            advocate for reform of the juvenile justice system; and
(ii)           assist at risk juveniles in obtaining access to social services and resources (whether they be federal, state or local) and (B) assist juveniles who have been adjudicated as delinquent in gaining access to these resources both while in secure facilities and thereafter in an attempt to prevent recidivism.

The Institute is a Newark-based urban research and advocacy organization dedicated to the advancement of New Jersey's urban areas and residents whose work is to identify, analyze and address the underlying causes of social and economic disparities and to challenge the barriers that constrain cities and their residents from achieving their full potential.

The Institutes Executive Director, Cornell Brooks, is an alumnus of Yale Law School (YLS 90), and its Senior Counsel & Policy Director, Craig Levine, is an alumnus of Yale College (B.A. 87).

The Task Force will receive the award at the Institutes annual gala in the spring where the Institute will also be presenting Jon Corzine with the Amy and Alan Lowenstein Social Justice Award, and Larry Goldman (CEO of NJPAC) with a Lifetime Community Achievement Award.

For more information about the Task Force, please contact Karin Weiner  at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript

Register for Winter Events Now!

Learn about cutting edge design during an intimate studio visit.  Meet high school students at a service event in the Bronx.  Share a feast in Chinatown.  Reach out to a best-selling author or join our development committee.  These are just a few ideas for how to connect with fellow Yale alums in the upcoming weeks.

Happy winter!


A Big Thank You to Yale Alumni in New York!

Dear Yalies in New York! 

Many thanks to all of you who joined us recently at some of our fabulous events.  YAAMNY's mission is to connect Yalies in New York and in the past two years we organized or collaborated on 140+ events, which is more than in the preceding 15 years combined!  In fact, we just won the first AYA Board of Governors Award for Excellence in the category of Outstanding Major Cities for our leadership in alumni outreach and community impact. 

YAAMNY is all-volunteer, does not charge any membership fees and welcomes all Yale alumni to its programs.  We hope you will consider a tax-deductible donation so that we can continue to produce an innovative array of activities and opportunities for alumni to connect not only with one another, but also with the vast resources of New York City and Yale in a way that makes a real impact in the local community.  Click on the button to donate or send us a check at the address listed below.donate button - click here

Please consider a gift of any size. Our growing programs reflect the diverse interests of our constituency -  educational speakers and panel discussions, volunteer opportunities, career networking events, singles nights, family-friendly activities, art gallery tours, informal happy hours, and more.   If you have enjoyed some of our events and programs and would like to see more, this is your chance to contribute and MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Any contributions, large or small, would be greatly appreciated.
On behalf of the YAAMNY board, I thank you for your ongoing interest in and support of YAAMNY. Please know that your tax deductible gift of whatever size will have an impact!


My Luu '96
Yale Alumni Association of Metropolitan New York


address for tax-deductable donations:

50 Ocean Parkway, 4J
Brooklyn, New York 11218

Release Notes Template v.3.3617.SVN###

  12/17/2010 - Release to Production   Features and Enhancements Performance Optimization   Users and Groups   Making and Editing Posts   Load Testing and Infrastructure Development  New Features - - Website scraping for updating organizations   Bug Fixes - Groups are created as private email lists by default ...

Bringing your reliable, secure information tools anywhere your authorized team needs to be.

Studio Services

Studio ServicesTopaz Group was founded in 1989 by Alberto Molina as a live event entertainment company that evolved into a technology based development studio through Alberto’s work building, the most successful teen focused portal of the dot com boom. Topaz Group currently produces interactive entertainment and social software for ...

Features List

Features ListTopazPort Features List A robust content management system A community management system to promote participation of your audience with your website Broadcast tools to communicate via email with your audience Integration into a larger network through which we can easily promote your content, events and promotion ideas    Strategic Long term commitment to ...

Topaz Group Businesses

Group Participation - GetTogether™ Topaz Group is a boutique creative studio dedicated to building interactive tools and entertainment online. We currently have three areas of business expertise built around our interest in games and online publishing of both editorial and user generated content. Custom Solutions and Community Based Marketing ...

Hosting is Our Cup of Tea

Hosting is Our Cup of TeaTalking not Terrabytes ... When we think of hosting we think of having guests at our house.  We think of music to play and finger food. Our business is taking the time to understand the equivalent of tea time in the digital age.  Our business is communication, the kind ...

OneClickClubs offers low cost Virtual Town Square

TopazPort now offers a low-cost community management package. TopazPort allows an organization to create and customize its own online portal where members can stay connected and coordinate activities with one another. Topaz Port also allows organizations to keep their members up to date on club activities and news.

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add content mm The Massmind Mosaic wants YOU to be a part of it Your Contributions Add an Event Add News, Videos, Announcements or Articles Classifieds Post a Housing Offered Classified Post a Housing Wanted Classified Post an Employment Classified Photos Add a Photo Add Promotional HTML Read the Specifications Here Admin ...