Guaranteed Desktop Services for small businesses

A different approach that changes everything.  Now.

At the start  

·        We begin with a free security and performance audit of your PCs and networks conducted by certified, senior engineers.
We need to know the issues in your network, and so do you.


For desktop care, choose from:

The Hosted Desktop Service
The cost of some repairs can equal the cost of a new personal computer.
None can be completely trouble free.  What to do? 

·         Your workstation is always optimized. If you mess it up, repair takes only a half hour, and is free.

·         Optimal security. Reduced complexity. Easy workstation upgrades.

·         Your data is always secure and backed up.

·         An environmentally gentler approach.

·         The lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Savings can be significant.

·         Just enjoy continuous reliability, service, and security.


Unlimited, Live Online Helpdesk
Basic Level, fixed price

·         An easy and affordable answer for 70% to 90%
of desktop questions or issues.

·         Smart and timely response for any issue

·         Consistent security enforcement through the whole network

·         Lowers costs of workstation maintenance or repair

Smarter, easier, better!
SureTech thinks different in all these ways as well.

·         Data backup: affordable guaranteed reliability for any amount of data.

·         Managed Antivirus: We monitor your protection from our office.

·         Email Filtering:   Spam, viruses, e-fraud never get close to you!

·         Guaranteed server and network reliability.


Windows                           Macintosh                        Linux

The SureTech Team addressed where we need to go, reduced the bothersome issues, and things run smoothly. They are smart, fast, and trustworthy. Principal Partner, AG Infonet, Princeton, NJ