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The SureNetwork™ Assessment Program 

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Referral Program Signup wants to Reward You - Help Us Help You We appreciate our customers referring their colleagues to us.  We want this to be a win for everyone, therefore we offer rewards to the company from which our referrals come. If you refer a company to us, and they ...

Referral Program Agreement

Referral Program Agreement   This agreement “Referral Program”  outlines the terms for awarding compensation  "Referral Bonuses" for the referral of new clients "Referral Clients" to, Inc "STI" by non-employee participants in the Referral Program "Referral Agents;" All Referral Bonuses will be exclusively based on the total number of subscriber users, "Seats," ...

 Survey Overview       

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The Sure Network™ Assessment Program (SNAP) is an analytical process and interactive workshop that helps Provider and Client to collaboratively define and evaluate a Provider engagement process. The survey and report allow Provider to assess Client current processes, methods, infrastructure, goals and objectives and to understand Client’s business drivers. The survey and report also allow Client to asses Provider working services practice and methods.


27 Point Business Process and Network Analysis BPNA

edit form COMPANY IT Infrastructure Info needed for a proposal:   1. How are your IT needs currently being handled? e.g. Local 3rd party IT provider, in-house, or no structured service     2. How many users will use the portal? How many offices? Bandwidth per office?     ...