Topaz Group currently produces interactive entertainment and social software for major media companies as well as for select niche focused communities cultivated by Topaz or Topaz clients.   We serve a clientele of Fortune 100 companies as well as select small and medium size business through Topaz Group Ventures, Inc, an independent interactive media studio which has now developed the business.

Topaz has done technical and creative work on over 100 web based and iPhone video games that leverage multiplayer capabilities, play environments and competitive achievement levels.


Selected Work Samples

Topaz has a rich portfolio of unique high concept properties for which we have done all the engineering as well as creative production and interaction design.

Our expertise is in understanding the social dynamics of communication and incorporating artistic expesion into online experiences that generate repeat users and participation.  We have a breadth of experience in delivering and managing complex technology development projects.

Online Games:

  • ESPNArcade - Game Design and leaderboard based competition platform - check out the original Bar, Credits and Splash Page
  • Disney DXD - Technical Development In Flash and Action Script and Game Design
  • gocrosscampus - Community Technical Architecture and Flash game design and development

We provide safe and effective ways to promote and manage user generated content in building successful virtual communities.


Selected List of Clients



We have 11 years experience in Flash development and 13 years managing enterprise custom interactive software. We also have over 15 years managing and collaborating with creative talent including design, performance and music professionals. Millions of users have used technologies or played games we have developed.

Since 2008 we also run a technology services business at which provides us an efficient client services infrastructure to do small or large technical projects upon request.

In addition to our technology services, we have a strong art and talent network and are able to provide quality illustration, animation and 3D rendering as well as commercial grade SFX, VO and music design and recording facilities.

Topaz Group has a unique track record of first class execution and risk management processes and has unique combination of technology and creative development expertise. Topaz also has deep experience protecting and supporting brand statements and values and fitting narrative and design development into existing franchise parameters.