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January 2007

We have updated to the syntax used by the most successful wiki project to date: Wikipedia.

Some issues to be aware of:

  1. (as we discussed) Mismatched html elements turn up in the pages as visible elements
  2. Any place we’ve had a “list by class” and included wikipage or aupage needs to be updated to include wikipage3 (specifically the upper right corner of the DH site for sure).

Some TODOs

  1. The MediaWiki parser likes to use <p> elements and our old parser didn’t. I think the result is that we’ll want to adjust some CSS to format <p> elements (I particularly noticed this on massmind/projects
  2. update css for lists like this one, the numbers fall off the left margin on Macintosh Safari
  3. update the heading styles to look more like heading 1 and heading 2, etc. right now they are designed to match different contexts which should be handled by id type rather than heading number.