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Studio Services

Studio ServicesTopaz Group was founded in 1989 by Alberto Molina as a live event entertainment company that evolved into a technology based development studio through Alberto’s work building, the most successful teen focused portal of the dot com boom. Topaz Group currently produces interactive entertainment and social software for ...

Features List

Features ListTopazPort Features List A robust content management system A community management system to promote participation of your audience with your website Broadcast tools to communicate via email with your audience Integration into a larger network through which we can easily promote your content, events and promotion ideas    Strategic Long term commitment to ...

Topaz Group Businesses

Group Participation - GetTogether™ Topaz Group is a boutique creative studio dedicated to building interactive tools and entertainment online. We currently have three areas of business expertise built around our interest in games and online publishing of both editorial and user generated content. Custom Solutions and Community Based Marketing ...

Hosting is Our Cup of Tea

Hosting is Our Cup of TeaTalking not Terrabytes ... When we think of hosting we think of having guests at our house.  We think of music to play and finger food. Our business is taking the time to understand the equivalent of tea time in the digital age.  Our business is communication, the kind ...

OneClickClubs offers low cost Virtual Town Square

TopazPort now offers a low-cost community management package. TopazPort allows an organization to create and customize its own online portal where members can stay connected and coordinate activities with one another. Topaz Port also allows organizations to keep their members up to date on club activities and news.

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add content mm The Massmind Mosaic wants YOU to be a part of it Your Contributions Add an Event Add News, Videos, Announcements or Articles Classifieds Post a Housing Offered Classified Post a Housing Wanted Classified Post an Employment Classified Photos Add a Photo Add Promotional HTML Read the Specifications Here Admin ...