Achieve Better Business Results; Be a Spiritually Engaged Leader. Join us March 14 to Learn More!

When:   March 14, 2013 7:00am-8:30am
Where:   The Homewood Suites, Newtown, PA
Cost:   $40.00

Please join us for a breakfast workshop based on our 2013 theme, Sustained Business Performance: The Spiritually Engaged Leader.

Speakers TBA

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Workshop Details:

Learning Objectives

  • Increase your knowledge of the linkages between spirituality, leadership effectiveness and sustained business performance
  • Increase your understanding of how you can grow as a spiritually intentional, engaged and effective leader
  • Increase your skills in applying the ANE theories and tools to make spirituality real in the workplace, improve performance (individual, team, org)  and achieve sustainable business results
  • Participate as an effective member of the ANE network/community

Outcomes for Participants in this Workshop

  • Articulate a business result that you want to achieve and identify the key competency and behaviors that will enable you to be successful
  • Identify the one or two behaviors you are going to demonstrate in the next 30 days to more effectively achieve this business goal
  • Be able to share your findings with the group at the next event: what you learned from the experience

Workshop Topic: When practiced regularly, (aka, Habit), Spiritual Engagement improves Leadership Effectiveness and produces Sustained Business Performance

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