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  • Express Edition - free desktop virtualization for up to 10 users.
  • Standard Edition - offers a cost-effective, but high performance, entry-level desktop virtualization solution suitable for smaller companies and departmental implementations.
  • Advanced Edition - adds powerful virtual desktop provisioning capabilities that reduce storage costs and simplify desktop lifecycle management by enabling a single desktop image to dynamically create and update hundreds of virtual desktops on demand.
  • Enterprise Edition - adds fully integrated application delivery with XenApp for Virtual Desktops, based on the most proven application virtualization technology in the industry with over 100 million users and 99 percent of the Fortune 500 as customers.
  • Platinum Edition - adds extensive optimization, security, monitoring and end user support benefits to create the ultimate desktop experience and best overall product value. This edition also includes the award-winning Citrix EasyCallTM technology, giving users instant click-to-call capability from any application, as well as a built in on-demand remote assistance feature that allows support staff to see exactly what end users see if a problem occurs, chat with them in real time, and even take permission-based control of the end user's mouse and keyboard to walk them through a problem resolution live.


Pricing and Availability
XenDesktop is available today and can be downloaded from the Citrix website at Suggested retail pricing is per concurrent user as follows:

  • XenDesktop Express - free download
  • XenDesktop Standard - USD $75
  • XenDesktop Advanced - USD $195
  • XenDesktop Enterprise - USD $295
  • XenDesktop Platinum - USD $395