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New York, New York, February 18, 2008 -- Topaz Group Ventures, Inc. is pleased to announce a private beta for their new business OneClickClubs.

One Click Clubs offers state of the art online community relationship management capabilities to membership  based organizations.  Requiring only a web browser with access to the internet, an organization will be able to provide the modern features expected by online users to interact with each other and the organization.

It will be possible for organizations to install a single website, and also for umbrella organizations to install networks with sub-sites for member organizations with syndication to the larger umbrella.

The beta period will include two networks:

  1. YaleNet, including the initial sites Yale Alumni Association of Metroplitan New York, the Yale Latino Alumni and The Yale Club of New Haven
  2. Dwight Hall, the center for public service and social justice, which includes over 100 member groups

All of the beta sites are for groups that encourage interactive websites and support member-driven contributions.

OneClickClubs comes out of 3 years of volunteer work managing a true virtual community with Yale Alumni Association of Metroplitan New York which now boasts over 10,000 visits permonth and over 30 distinct user-driven posts.

Topaz Group Ventures Inc. is a boutique creative studio dedicated to building interactive tools and entertainment online.  Topaz has three areas of business expertise built around our interest in games and online publishing of both editorial and user generated content.