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You can have JSFL scripts available within the Flash authoring environment by storing them in one of several folders within the Configuration folder. By default:

* Windows 2000 or Windows XP: 
  * boot drive|Documents and Settings|user|Local Settings|Application Data|Macromedia|Flash 8|language|Configuration| 
* Mac OS X: 
  * Macintosh HD|Users|userName|Library|Application Support|Macromdia|Flash 8|language|Configuration| 

To determine the location of the Configuration folder, use

* fl.configDirectory or 
* fl.configURI 

Within the Configuration folder, the following folders can contain scripts that you can access in the authoring environment:

* Behaviors
* Commands (for scripts that appear on the Commands menu)
* Effects (for timeline effects)
* JavaScript (for scripts used by Script Assist)
* Tools (for extensible tools in the Tools panel), 
* WindowSWF (for panels that appear in the Windows menu). 

If you edit a script in the Commands folder, the new script is immediately available in Flash. If you edit a script for an effect or extensible tool, you have to close and restart Flash, or else use the

* fl.reloadEffects() or
* fl.reloadTools() 

If you used a script to add an extensible tool to the Tools panel and you then edit the script, you must either remove and then add the tool to the Tools panel again, or else close and restart Flash for the revised tool to be available.