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It was a call with an ANE Leader in Germany. 

"ANE leaders should share practical things," she said, "especially those that help us stay fully present for our team. Discovering a tool that works for someone else can have a big impact. What are your top three?"

"A call to an ANE member is my number one," I replied. "Also I say the ANE prayer many times silently during the day, especially before meetings. Third is writing in my journal. I carry it with me. What are your top three?"

"I have a phrase I say to myself during the day, just like you pray. But what's best is when I take five minutes three times a day to do a quick meditation and reflect on my gifts. The energy boost is incredible. I really do believe that quote: 'success is an inside job.' I see inner peace as my key to success. And my favorite method is to listen to my body."

"My body makes noise too." 

"No, not noise. We all get signals from our body which we shouldn't dismiss. For example, when I have to speak with certain individuals, I can get an uneasy feeling in my stomach. For years I tried to figure out how to not have it. Silly me. It's wonderful that my inner spirit is so loud and speaks to me so clearly. These days I welcome it as a signal from my spiritual core that I need to go gently and truthfully toward people rather than avoid them."

This week, listen to the signals from your gut--and share the practical things that help keep your spiritual core balanced.

Sabine and Stephen
ANE = Calm, Confident, Connected Leadership

The Fully-Present Leader is our 2012 event theme. In North America at Princeton Theological Seminary on May 6 and 7, and in Europe at Worth Abbey, UK from September 21 to 23.

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