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iT Tv SM is a new approach in television viewing

iTTv is a new approach in television viewing - a marriage of original, innovative television programming and the immediate and empowering nature of the Internet. Created by RCN for its customers in New York City and Queens, iT Tv is a one-of-a-kind television network that gives you, the viewer, the power to directly shape the programming you see on a daily basis by providing your feedback (positive or negative) through the iTTv website. Once a month, the iTTv programming team considers all feedback to understand and deliver what viewers want to see. Don't like a program? Just say the word and it's gone. Want to see your favorite show in a different time slot? Coming right up!

iTTv is the brainchild of David McCourt, and RCNE, the Emmy® Award-winning entertainment division of RCN Corporation, now known as McCourt Entertainment.  iTTv is dedicated to bringing New Yorkers the best mix of intelligent, innovative and independent programming possible. Our line-up features original programming produced by RCNE including shows like Best of iT, Shoot iT, Get FiT, Ask David, and the children's program Backyard Safari. The schedule also includes exciting programming from around the globe like iT Rocks, Don't Eat the Neighbours, Flipper and Lopaka and What About Mimi?. If knowing New York better is your thing, iTTv also offers Go Gopa, a collection of clues to making the most of your time in New York City.

Lead by an Emmy® Award-winning producing team, iTTv offers quality programming and an open mind. We want to know what you want to see. So speak up! iTTv - it's your channel.

Best of iT Image

Best of iT Image

Looking for New York's best coffee? Best bagel? Best spa? Or best romantic restaurant? No need to look any further. iTTv is proud to present the Best of iT, an original half-hour series that features a fast, fun and funny tour of the top tens in New York City - as determined by New Yorkers themselves.

In this iTTv exclusive series, host Jim O'Connor takes you behind the scenes of some of the city's most exclusive venues as well as places that are off-the-beaten path - the best restaurants, the best coffee shops, the best spas and much more. Join Jim as he samples the wares, interviews owners and patrons, and cooks up a few surprises of his own on this entertaining and informative quest for New York excellence.

Each episode's top ten list is supplied by, where resident New Yorkers, displaced New Yorkers around the world, New York lovers and New York tourists go online to rate and review all things New York. Don't miss this addictive bit of fun. Don't miss the Best of iT.

Shoot iT

Shoot iT Image

Sit back on your couch. Take the phone off the hook. Get your popcorn ready. Prepare to be inspired. 

iTTv is proud to present Shoot iT, an original series celebrating short films and the artists who make them. Discover narrative, experimental, animated, and documentary works by both emerging and established filmmakers. Watch as future Spielbergs, Coppolas and Kurosawas offer their work up for your consideration and review through the iTTV website. Follow the Ken Burnses of tomorrow as they explore, through their documentary works, the worlds and issues that matter to them - then go online and let the filmmakers know if and how the subjects matter to you. But be ready, those very same filmmakers just might respond!

Shoot iT is the only short form showcase of its kind on television. This iTTv exclusive series will not only bring you films that are thoughtful, innovative and represent a fresh perspective; it will also allow you to hear the voices behind the visions. Through commentary about the creative process and technical craft, you will learn about the unexpected challenges and sometimes the personal sacrifices that go into the making of these unique films.

If you have a short film you want the world to see, Shoot iT wants to hear from you. Go to Submit iT and complete the form.

 Get FiT Image

Get FiT Image
Achieve lasting health and serenity with Get FiT, a full hour of health and fitness for the body and the mind. Unlike most exercise programs, Get FiT offers a holistic approach to fitness as well as a wide variety of fun and effective workouts that you don't typically find on television. In addition to the total body conditioning you are accustomed to seeing, this entertaining assortment of fitness routines includes workouts as varied as yoga, meditation, tai chi, Pilates, belly dancing, hula dancing and more.

This exclusive iTTv hour of fun and fitness is hosted by Sex And The City's popular yoga instructor Kristen McGee. Join Kristen as she learns about the ancient traditions and recent scientific breakthroughs behind hot fitness crazes. Plus, get tips and recommendations that will help you maximize your own personal workouts.

The workouts appearing on Get FiT are based on the widely popular Natural Journeys line of home-videos and feature some of the most famous and accomplished instructors in the world. Learn tai chi with actor and martial arts expert David Carradine. Get your cardio workout with Tamilee Web of Buns of Steel fame. Looking for something different? Find serenity with the first lady of yoga, Lilas Folan, or celebrity yoga instructor Rainbeau Mars. Watch Get FiT and let these and other world renowned instructors assist you on your personal quest to enhance your well being.

Go Gopa

Go Gopa Image
"How can I warm up my social life in New York?"

"I live in the city. What are some ways I can volunteer my time to help a good cause?"

"How can a New Yorker get a rear view like J. Lo?"

"What are some fun things wine lovers can do in the city?"

Feeling lost? Looking for clues to handling the social, emotional and financial challenges of living in New York City? Well, you're not alone. Ohio transplant Gopa Dobson felt the same way when she arrived in the Big Apple more than 5 years ago. Now that she knows the city inside and out, she's telling all.

Go Gopa is a popular series of interstitials that offer New Yorkers clues to ways they can connect with the city. Join Gopa as she discovers the people and places that make the city live and breathe. Go Gopa, it's your personal guide to getting the most out of life in New York.


iT Rocks Image
This series offers personal profiles of the artists who have shaped today's pop music scene. From legendary performers like Sting, Alice Cooper, and Mark Knopfler to lesser known but no less influential artists like Dr. John, Finley Quaye, and Suede, iT Rocks offers a personal look at the music from the musician's point of view. Follow these artists as they struggle with their music, their careers and their sometimes rocky lives.

Each episode offers an up-close and personal journey into the artists world and includes behind-the-scenes footage, artist interviews, songs, videos, concert clips, and much more. The first season of iT Rocks will feature The Beautiful South, Def Leppard, Skunk Anasie, Blur, Suede, Madness, Mark Knopfler, Joe Strummer, Alice Cooper, The Waterboys, Sting, Dr. John, Finley Quaye, Top Loader, and The Divine Comedy.

Don't Eat the Neighbours Image

Don't Eat the Neighbours is an off-the-wall new comedy about Rabbit, a super-cool single parent, living in a semi-detached house, and his neighbor Wolf who feels it's his obligation to try to eat him! Fortunately, Wolf never quite gets the hang of the hunting thing, and fast-thinking Rabbit always manages to elude Wolf's evil schemes.

Then there's the younger generation. Lucy, Rabbit's smart and sparky 9-year old daughter is friends with Wolf's couch potato sons, Simon and Barry. They're much more interested in the concerns of modern kids than their ancestors' primitive and instinctive pursuits of hunting and foraging.

Adding a contemporary twist to the age-old rivalries between neighbors as well as the conflict between generations, Don't Eat the Neighbours is madcap family comedy at its best.

Don't Eat the Neighbours features puppets and computer graphics created by Neal Scanlon (Babe, 101 Dalmatians) as well as the voice talents of Simon Callow (Shakespeare in Love, Four Weddings and a Funeral) and comedian Patrick McKenna (Traders, The Red Green Show).

Flipper and Lopaka Image
Flipper and Lopaka

Flipper, the clever lovable dolphin, has held a place in our hearts - not to mention our TV and movie screens - since 1964. Now, in the animated series Flipper and Lopaka, a whole new world is opened up, with new friendships, new rivalries, exotic new locations, and exciting new adventures, both above and below the sea.

Flipper takes on these new adventures with his friend Lopaka, a young Polynesian boy. On dry land Lopaka is like any other 11 year-old boy, but underwater he can understand and speak the language of sea creatures.

Together, the friends visit Flipper's home, the magical, watery realm of Quetzo, and continually work to foil the plans of Dexter, a megalomaniac Octopus and his snaky sidekick Serge. Along the way, they are helped by Flipper's underwater pals - Puffy the blowfish, Ray the manta ray and Otty the otter - as well as Lopaka's family and fellow islanders. These affable allies are more than a match for Dexter and his henchman.

What About Mimi?


What About Mimi? Image
Savvy 11 year-old Mimi Morton, problem solver extraordinaire, has the best intentions when it comes to helping her parents Saffron and Marv, her brothers Jason and Bradley, and her best friends Russel and Elaine. Sensitive and perceptive, Mimi is swift to size-up their shortcomings and leap into action on their behalf. That's when the hilarious complications begin!

Watch as Mimi tries to keep Bradley from going to "genius" school. See what Mimi does when the new track coach at school wreaks havoc. Be there when Mimi looks after Elaine's pets with disastrous results. Find out what happens when Mimi and her friends spend a weekend in the school "biosphere" experiment. The fun and laughter never stop.

Luckily, Mimi is as resourceful as she is impulsive, and things seem to have a way of working themselves out-albeit in startling and unexpected ways. At the end of the day, we can be sure Mimi has learned a lot from her mistakes, but don't worry - she'll be ready to make more tomorrow!

Backyard Safari Image
Backyard Safari
is a science and natural history series designed to encourage children to step out as scientists and explore the natural world. Produced in association with The American Museum of Natural History in New York, Backyard Safari teams live action host Cecelia Arana with lovable, animated Crinkleroot, from the beloved series of children?s nature books by Jim Arnosky. A mix of live action experts and animated magical characters makes scientific discovery accessible and fun while encouraging kids to explore the natural wonders they encounter every day. The series empowers young children as it educates them about a variety of topics including babies, birds, butterflies, clouds, color, dinner, dinosaurs, homes, paper, rocks and minerals, trees, water and more.

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